History of the store

The Selfemployed coppersmith store, situated at the Kovači street, number 19. nowadays owned by Nermina Alić, has a long tradition behind. However, that tradition has been passed by word of mouth, so we can’t be sure of the exact dates. Without regard to that, the story of the store has been passed from generation to generation, and now we know the essential part of its history. The most important part of store history is the fact that it preserved all the elements of coppersmith and the tinsmith shop.
The shop exists on the same place for about 200 years. As long as this, exists the part of the city called Kovači. It happened after numerous fires which devastated the old hart of Sarajevo. Consequently, about two hundred years ago, some of the coppersmiths at the Kazanđiluk street, where this craft came from, decided to move their stores. By the threat of fires, which were set on by somebody with bad intentions and also by accidents, it could have happened that the fire burn out all the shops in the area as they were made of wood, and destroy the whole neighborhood as well.
The store in question used to belong to the coppersmith Smailovic, of whom we do not know much. But one thing which we are sure of is the fact that, after his death in 1957, the store became the property of the coppersmith community, and in 1960 Hadzan Alic left the Kazanđiluk and came to work in this store. Since then it was transferred into his private property.
Hadzan Alic the owner of the store in question until 2007, when it became the property of his daughter Nermina Alic, passed his coppersmith exam in 1954.

In 2007, for the first time in the history of the coppersmith handcraft, a woman became the owner of a coppersmith store. As to the reason that she decided to dedicate herself to this handcraft, Nermina says: From early age, while watching my father, I have fostered love for the tinsmith and coppersmith craft which is not a very feminine occupation, as one may say. That guided me to combine my talent with the metalwork, and for that reason I started attending the School of Applied Arts, the metal design section. Having finished the high school, I entered the Academy of Arts, and before my graduation I decided to continue my father’s work.