Mangala was a very common object in traditional households. Today it is very rare to see a mangala in someone’s house. It is used only as a decoration or a reminder of old times. This object is made out of copper or brass and it symbolizes changes in life, not in a very long time, but enough to realize how much our lifestyle has changed. Mangalas were made for the purpose to illuminate or heat the room in which the whole family spent most of the time. The light of the glowing coal that came through the holes on the mangala’s lid, radiated with unity. And the heat of warm coffee in the coffee cups (fildžani) which were placed on a tray (zeha) reflected tranquility among the close members of the family.

Ćejf is the word that is often used, but in everyday life it has almost lost its sense. It is the word which describes the state of mind of a man that lives in time without getting lost in it. The man whose picture is lost somewhere deep beneath layers of restlessness of every day life.

And to conclude, if there is anything that can truly describe the word “ćeif” then, definitely, it is the “Mangala”….


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